Commercial Donut Maker is Different for Donut Businesses

Commercial Donut MakerThere is a big difference between a commercial donut maker and a regular electrical donut maker that a housewife uses in the kitchen at home.

Under the commercial donut maker equipment, you can produce quite a lot of donuts and you can use it for monetary gain.

Commercial equipment made by donut machine manufacturers has never been used for home frying or baking. . Today you can find manufacturers of commercial donut makers in many countries: USA, Germany, Italy, China, Russia and others. Most known manufacturers of equipment for donuts in the Americas are considered two companies: Lil Orbits and Belshaw.

Each of these companies has its advantages and has its own mini donut machines, used by most businessmen. For example, Lil Orbits produces a lot of different mini donut machines and serves the merchants who have a  small business. The most popular model of Lil Orbits Mini Donut Machine is ss1200, which is able to produce up to 1,200 hot donuts per hour.

Despite the fairly high performance, this machine is small in size and weight. It allows the merchant to easily manage, maintain and support customers in a perfectly clean and working condition.

The ss2400 is one more popular mini donut machine from Lil Orbits. As you might have guessed, it is different from the previous model with a bigger performance and can produce up to 2400 hot donuts per hour. With this machine, you may even organize a mini donut factory and sell your products in bulk. This machine is also good for business, as it works in an area with very high traffic of people.

Every time I see a production of Lil Orbits, I admire fantasy producers. No company in the world offers novice businessmen so many choices of wonderful and convenient equipment for the production and sale of donuts!

Another company that produces commercial donut makers is Belshaw. Belshaw makes donut machines for the merchants with small and large businesses. The most popular machine for small business is Donut Robot Mark 2.

If you want to open a donut plant, you will not find a better company than Belshaw. It produces big automatic lines for the production of various sizes of donuts.

You can buy a new commercial donut maker directly from the manufacturers. Used bakery equipment can be bought at an auction in your city or online. Also, there are many companies that are engaged in buying and selling such equipment.

Before you buy the equipment, I recommend checking your commitment to your business and read two of the most successful books for beginners – All Secrets about How to do Business with Mini Donut Machine by Karen and Steve Stanford and Mini Donuts’ Business Plan by Theodore P. Hart. You can purchase these eBooks separately, but can also save money and buy them at a special price here.

In conclusion, I would like to say a few words about used donut equipment. Of course, buying a used mini donut machine and other accessories will save you a significant amount of money. You can do it if you are well versed in the donut machines.

If you are new to the business, then you need to make a detailed business plan and buy a new machine directly from the manufacturer, as he (the manufacturer) for the sake of his reputation will be interested in you even after the sale of a commercial donut maker and will assist you in any way.

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